Yellow Dog – By Sarah, Veterinary Assistant

Yellow Dog

Having an Australian Cattle dog as your furry best friend is like having a 2-legged friend who has been drinking frappuccinos all day. The energy! So it is necessary to spend a lot of time outdoors burning off some steam. We frequent dog parks every now and then but mostly our neighborhood park is where we let loose. And Diesel never leaves the house without his trusty yellow ribbon. If you follow the Oswego Veterinary Hospital’s Facebook page you will know that August is yellow ribbon month in support of the Yellow Dog Project.

A yellow ribbon does not mean, “I’m aggressive!” Instead can be used with working therapy dogs, dogs in training, canines with medical concerns (such as a dog recovering from surgery), or in Diesel’s case it says “Hi! I’m very anxious in new situations and have a hard time staying still. My quick movements can startle people who do not know me, which in turns startle me. And I’m suspicious of small dogs. How do squirrels take them seriously?”

And lastly, the yellow ribbon is a reminder of common courtesy, “Can I pet your dog?” is a question that most of us forget to ask when we come across an unfamiliar canine.

If you see a dog sporting a yellow ribbon, bandana or shirt ask before approaching. If your dog is loose, please put on a leash and maintain a distance. Yellow means this pooch needs some space!

The Yellow Dog Project is a worldwide effort to bring awareness to dogs that are a little more on the sensitive side (like Diesel). We at OVH would like to do our part in spreading the word, we have made some fancy bows that would be a stylish addition to any collar or leash for a doggie that fits the yellow ribbon criteria. You can stop by our hospital and ask for a yellow ribbon for your pet!

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