Catio Tour


Catio? What is a catio you ask?

Cat + patio = catio! A catio is a fabulous outdoor enclosure that allows your feline to be the wild jungle cat they believe they are. These controlled outdoor environments allow your kitty to explore the outside world safely during the day while keeping the outdoors safe from the weekend warrior house cat, the skies are secure again bird friends! For the 2nd year Feral Cat Coalition and the Audubon Society have teamed up to present the Catio Tour. Tour Portland backyards displaying some seriously creative catios that any feline would be jealous of. And catios can be structures for both you and your cat to enjoy some relaxing, outside time together. Get inspired by checking out these photos and then mark your calendars to see the real deal on Saturday, September 6th by registering online.

Remember that while these enclosures can help keep your cat safe from wildlife and other neighboorhood cats they can’t keep the smaller, more difficult to see unwanted pests like fleas and intestinal parasites away. Pick up flea prevention by stopping by our clinic or through our online pharmacy and have it delivered to your door! At Oswego Veterinary Hospital we recommend yearly fecal checks to keep tabs on intestinal parasites. Give us a call at 503-636-3001 to discuss intestinal parasite treatment and prevention for your cat.

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