Boarding Tips For Pets – by Kat, Kennel Manager

boarding tips for pets

Let’s face it, most pets and their people don’t get excited about a boarding stay. However, with some helpful tips you can ensure that their stay is as comfortable and stress free as possible. Who knows, maybe after a few visits a boarding stay with us can be the next best thing to home. 

Dogs, much as humans like familiar surroundings and a routine. If you have never boarded your dog before I’d recommend scheduling a dayboard prior to the actual date you intend to go on vacation. This can really help with anxious or nervous pets as well as their people. Dropping them off for a few hours or an afternoon can go a long way in reassuring your dog that you are coming back for them. It will also give the staff that are caring for them a chance to assess their personalities the ability to offer suggestions that will ensure the smoothest stay possible.

One of the best things you can do for your pet is give the boarding staff as much information about their routine at home as you can. How many times a day and at what time do they potty? Before or after eating? My dogs don’t like to go outside until they get their breakfast and if they are asked to they only reluctantly lift a leg and race back inside to demand food. What do you say to get them to go? Do they go out in a yard or do you walk them on a leash? We also want to know what their eating habits are like. Are they picky eaters or would they gobble up any food particle they can find? Knowing this gives us better insight into how they are feeling during their stay. If a dog that never turns down a meal is not eating he may be stressed but a picky eater may just be a picky eater and not a cause for concern. Let us know what you do to get the picky ones to eat. We will accommodate any request you have as long as we are able.

If your dog or cat has a favorite bed at home then by all means bring it. If they are used to sleeping next to you bring a shirt or something with your smell on it. Many dogs have a crate that is their happy place and we have kennels that can easily fit a crate and still have plenty of room to for them to walk around.

Cats tend to be a bit more persnickety as most of you who are owned by one knows. A boarding stay is not the time to try out a new food. Always bring something you know they will eat. Do they look for a quiet cozy place to nap at home or are they sitting in a window watching kitty tv all day? This will help us place them in a condo that suits them the best. Up high, in a window or maybe they want a box to curl up and hide in.

The bottom line is there is no such thing as to much information. Tell us the tricks they do, the food they eat and what you do to make their tails wag. The more we know about them the better we can care for them.

To read more about our boarding facilities click here. Missing that cute furry face? Check out our Facebook page where we post photos of our guests (with owner approval, of course) during their stay.


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